SpaceTime is a unique collaboration platform that allows project developers anywhere in the world to access 3D data and collaborate on projects along a timeline using both AR and VR devices or various telecommunications options.

A virtual 3D environment is a space in which all participants can interact with each other, often remotely from multiple locations to discuss and provide input on a detailed project. Collaboration in the environment can be achieved digitally, using either AR, VR or a combination of both.

The aim of the SpaceTime Virtual Project Collaboration Platform is for participants to share ideas, review three dimensional data and experience the same virtual project environments simultaneously in such a manner as to create a highly productive and co-operative meeting, notwithstanding the participants may physically be in different locations.

A VR/AR 3D environment allows participants to be immersed in a life scale project and arrive at a common understanding and agreement through a collaborative visual interactive experience. It enables the viewer to rapidly understand the scale of the project, its individual components including any significant obstacles and the relationship between the project and the surrounding environment.

In our experience, interaction on a project that comes from visualisation of the components can significantly accelerate and truncate key stages of the project including:

• Internal technical discussions with management distributed across different locations
• External technical discussions with EPC and O&M contractors
• Speed up the approval process with the local and government environmental and planning agencies
• Discussions with financial debt providers

By incorporating additional technology such as Telepresence Robotics, 360-degree cameras, Photogrammetry, LIDAR, Deep Ground Radar, etc. Australian and overseas based management can remotely view and discuss:

• Any ground issues such as rock formations
• Construction projects in real time
• Participate in the ongoing repairs and maintenance process through the combination of AR & VR technology.