AR is any technology that overlays digital content on your view of the physical world. SpaceTime allows AR users to participate and experience the content using tablets and various eye wear devices and can view the project from an overview perspective, following the movement of the VR users who are immersed at room scale within the data model.

AR boardroom scene from the movie Kings Men.

Below are two types of AR viewing devices. The new Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset (left) is more comfortable than the first headset they released, and more immersive. Its diagonal field of view has doubled, with a new kind of patented imaging technology. It has an AI (Artificial Intelligence) processing unit and now connects to Microsoft’s cloud service Azure.

ARKit is an augmented reality framework Apple introduced in 2017 that is compatible with iOS 11 iPhones and iPads. ARKit lets developers place digital objects in the real world by blending the camera on the screen with virtual objects, allowing users to interact with these objects in physical space bringing AR functionality to millions of Apple users around the world.